Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 2016

July 31; Unrolling Event (USA: Paul Sharits, 1965) projected video; Walker Mediatheque
July 31; Free, White and 21 (USA: Howardena Pindell, 1980) video installation; Walker Art Center
July 31; Untitled (Blood Sign #2/Body Tracks) (USA: Ana Mendieta, 1974) video installation; Walker Art Center
July 31; Untitled Film, Right (USA: Seth Price, 2006) 16mm installation; Walker Art Center
July 31; Production Stills (USA: Morgan Fisher, 1970) 16mm installation; Walker Art Center
July 31; /Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc. (USA: Owen Land, 1966) 16mm/ installation; Walker Art Center
July 31; Artist Looking Into Camera (USA: Guthrie Lonergan, 2006) video installation; Walker Art Center
July 29; Euphoria (USA: Vincent Collins, 1974) YouTube
July 29; /200 (USA: Vincent Collins, 1975)/ YouTube
July 29; /Notes From the Farm (USA: Caryn Cline, 2014)/ Vimeo
July 29; /Woman on the Run (USA: Norman Foater, 1950) DVD/ Flicker Alley
July 29; Almost Brothers (BRAZIL/CHILE/FRANCE: Lúcia Murat, 2004) DVD; Global Lens
July 28; The Invisible Ray (USA: Lambert Hillyer, 1936) DVD; Universal
July 27; Pale Rider (USA: Clint Eastwood, 1985) DVD; Warner
July 25; Stanley Kubrick: a Life in Pictures (USA: Jan Harlan, 2001) DVD; Warner
July 25; From Beginning To End (BRAZIL: Aluízio Abranches, 2009) DVD; TLA
July 24; Exloratorium Botanicollage (USA: Caryn Cline & co., 2016) 16mm; Exploratorium
July 24; /Ektacy (USA: Caryn Cline, 2015) projected video/ Exploratorium
July 24; Notes From the Farm - silent (USA: Caryn Cline, 2014) projected video; Exploratorium
July 24; Compost Confidential (USA: Catyn Cline, 2012) projected video; Exploratorium
July 24; /Equinox (USA: Caryn Cline, 2011) projected video/ Exploratorium
July 24; Perchance (USA: Caryn Cline, 2009) projected video; Exploratorium
July 24; Botanicalistas (USA: Caryn Cline & Co., 2011) projected video; Exploratorium 
July 24; /In the Conservatory (USA: Caryn Cline, 2010) 16mm/ Exploratorium
July 24; Lucy's Terrace (USA: Caryn Cline, 2009) 16mm; Exploratorium
July 24; Seattle Solstice (USA: Caryn Cline, 2008) 16mm; Exploratorium; introduced by filmmaker
July 24; Experiments In Botanicollage (USA: Caryn Cline & co., 2013) video file; Exploratorium classroom; introduced by Cline
July 23; untitled? (USA: Bill Thibault, 2016) video performance with live sound by Wobbly; Gray Area; introduced byWobbly
July 23; /Orbit (USA: Kerry Laitala, 2006) 16mm/ with live sound by Laitala & Cyrus Tabar; Gray Area
July 23; Transfixing Triptych (USA: Kerry Laitala, 2016) multi-16mm & video projector performance with live sound by Cyrus Tabar; Gray Area
July 23; Elite Squad (BRAZIL/ARGENTINA/USA: José Padilha, 2007) DVD; Weinstein
July 21; Vicious Cycles (USA: Chuck Menville & Len Janson, 1967) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; /Neighbors (CANADA: Norman McLaren, 1952) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; Six Filmmakers in Search of a Wedding excerpt: Wedding in Pixilation (CANADA: Derek Lamb, 1971) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; Captain Mom (USA: Chuck Menville & Len Janson, 1972) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; /A Chairy Tale (CANADA: Norman McLaren & Claude Jutra, 1957)/ 16mm; Oddball
July 21; /Let's Pretend: Magic Sneakers (USA: Roach Van Allen, 1971) 16mm; Oddball/
July 21; Blaze Glory (USA: Chuck Menville & Len Janson, 1969) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; Two Bagatelles (CANADA: Norman McLaren, 1953) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; The Wizard of Speed & Time (USA: Mike Jittlov, 1979) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; Stop, Look & Listen (USA: Chuck Menville & Len Janson, 1967) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; /excerpt from Claymation: Three-Dimensional Animation (USA: Will Vinton, 1978) 16mm/ Oddball
July 21; Opening Speech (CANADA: Norman McLaren, 1969) 716mm; Oddball; introduced by Kat Shuchter
July 21; Along Came a Duck (USA: Burt Gillett & Steve Muffati, 1934) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; Grandfather's Clock (USA: Burt Gillett, 1934) 16mm; Oddball
July 21; The Year My Parents Went on Vacatiom (BRAZIL: Cao Hamburger, 2006) DVD; City Lights
July 20; Reaching For the Moon (BRAZIL: Bruno Barreto, 2013) DVD; Wolfe
July 19; From Beyond (USA: Stuart Gordon, 1986) 35mm; New Mission; introduced by Mike Keegan
July 18; Young Filmmakers (USA: David Hoffman, 1968) 16mm
July 18; In A Dark Time: a Film About Theodore Roethke (USA: David Myers, 1964) 16mm
July 18; Yo Soy Pablo Neruda (USA: Harold Mantell, 1967) 16mm
July 18; The Pigs Vs. the Freaks (USA: Jack Epps, Jr. & Jeffrey Jackson, 1975) 16mm
July 18; /The High and the Flighty (USA: Robert McKimson, 1956)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /Home, Tweet Home (USA: Friz Freleng, 1950)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /What Makes Daffy Duck (USA: Art Davis, 1948)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /Bad Luck Blackie (USA: Tex Avery, 1949)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /The Lion's Busy (USA: Friz Freleng, 1950)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /Barbary Coast Bunny (USA: Chuck Jones, 1956)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /Rabbit Fire (USA: Chuck Jones, 1951)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 18; /Wabbit Twouble (USA: Robert Clampett, 1941) Blu-Ray; Warner/
July 18; World of Tomorrow (USA: Don Hertzfeldt, 2016) Blu-Ray; Bitter Films 
July 17; /Rejected (USA: Don Hertzfeldt, 2000)/ Blu-Ray; Bitter Films
July 17; Hare-Um Scare-Um (USA: Ben Hardaway & Cal Dalton, 1939) Blu-Ray; Warner
July 17; Porky's Hare Hunt (USA: Ben Hardaway & Cal Dalton, 1938) Blu-Ray; Warner
July 17; /Porky In Wackyland (USA Robert Clampett, 1938)/ Blu-Ray; Warner
July 15; /Paths of Glory (USA: Stanley Kubrick, 1957) 35mm/ YBCA; introduced by David Robson
July 15; The Shallows (USA: Jaume Collet-Serra, 2016) DCP; AMC 1000
July 15; Piper (USA: Alan Barillaro, 2016) DCP; AMC 1000
July 15; Ghostbusters (USA; Paul Feig, 2016) DCP; AMC 1000 
July 13; Up the River (USA: John Ford, 1930) DVD; 20th Century Fox
July 12; Bridesmaids (USA: Paul Feig, 2011) DVD; Universal
July 11; The Second Mother (BRAZIL: Anna Muylaert, 2015) DVD; Oscilloscope 
July 10; Sweeping, Swept, Out of My Head (USA: Suki O'Kane, 2016) video & 16mm performance with live sound, collaboration with Alfonso Alvarez, Jeremy Rourke, Wayne Grim, etc; Temescal Art Center
July 10 /What's Opera Doc? (USA: Chuck Jones, 1957) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /Duck Amuck (USA: Chuck Jones, 1953) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /The Dot and the Line (USA: Chuck Jones, 1965) 35mm/ Castro; introduced by Christian Roman 
July 10; /Much Ado About Nutting (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952)/ 35mm; Castro; introduced by Craig Kausen 
July 10; /The Cat's Bah (USA: Chuck Jones, 1954) 35mm/ Castro; introduced by Craig Kausen 
July 10; /Bully For Bugs (USA: Chuck Jones, 1953)/ 35mm; Castro
July 10; /Bear Feat (USA: Chuck Jones, 1949) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /One Froggy Evening (USA: Chuck Jones, 1955) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /The Dover Boys (USA: Chuck Jones, 1942)/ 35mm; Castro; introduced by Allison Rutland
July 10; /Feed the Kitty (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952) 35mm/ Castro; introduced by Jeff Pidgeon
July 10; /Rabbit Of Seville (USA: Chuck Jones, 1950) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /Water, Water Every Hare (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952) 35mm/ Castro; introduced by Jon Hastings
July 10; /Robin Hood Daffy (USA: Chuck Jones, 1958) 35mm/ Castro
July 10; /Drip-Along Daffy (USA: Chuck Jones, 1951)/ 35mm; Castro 
July 10; /From A To Z-Z-Z-Z (USA: Chuck Jones, 1954)/ 35mm; Castro; introduced by Andrew Farago 
July 9; /Blow-Up (UK/ITALY/USA: Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966) DVD; Warner/
July 9; /The Super Snooper (USA: Robert McKimson, 1952) DVD; Warner/
July 9; /Bugs Bonnets (USA: Chuck Jones, 1956)/ DVD; Warner
July 9; /Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (USA: Chuck Jones, 1953) 35mm/ Roxie
July 9; /Holiday For Drumsticks (USA: Art Davis, 1949)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /Robin Hood Daffy (USA: Chuck Jones, 1958)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /The Ducksters (USA: Chuck Jones, 1950)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /A Star Is Bored (USA: Friz Freleng, 1956)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /Stupor Duck (USA: Robert McKimson, 1956)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /One Froggy Evening (USA: Chuck Jones, 1955) 35mm/ Roxie
July 9; /There They Go-Go-Go (USA: Chuck Jones, 1956)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /Rabbit Seasoning (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952) 35mm/ Roxie
July 9; /Little Beau Pepe (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /No Barking (USA: Chuck Jones, 1954)/ 35mm; Roxie
July 9; /What's Opera, Doc? (USA: Chuck Jones, 1957) 35mm/ Roxie
July 8; Margarette's Feast (BRAZIL: Renato Falcão, 2003) DVD; Global Lens
July 7; Flesh and Leather (USA: William Berke, 1951) 16mm; Oddball 
July 7; multi-projector performance (USA: Kat Schuster, 2016) dual-16mm; Oddball
July 7; /1906 Earthquake (USA: 1906) 16mm; Oddball
July 7; /Invocation of My Demon Brother (USA: Kenneth Anger, 1969) 16mm/ Oddball
July 7; excerpt from The Occult: a Lesson From Darkness (USA: 1972) 16mm; Oddball
July 7; /excerpt from Hell On Frisco Bay (USA: Frank Tuttle, 1955) 16mm; Oddball
July 7; Parole (USA: Parole Film Corp., 1956) 16mm; Oddball
July 7; De Palma (USA: Noah Baumbach & Jake Paltrow, 2015) DCP; Opera Plaza 
July 7; The Salt of the Earth (BRAZIL/FRANCE/ITALY: Wim Wenders & Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, 2014) DVD; Sony
July 6; /Madame Satã (BRAZIL/FRANCE: Karim Aïnouz, 2002)/ DVD; Wellspring
July 6; /The Super Snooper (USA: Robert McKimson, 1952)/ DVD; Warner
July 5; The Hidden (USA: Jack Sholder, 1987) 35mm; New Mission; introduced by Mike Keegan & Jeremy Wheat
July 5; /How To Survive a Plague (USA: David France, 2012)/ projected Blu-Ray; YBCA
July 5; Evictions, Deregulation, Entitlement ... Love, Airbnb (USA: Leslie Dreyer, 2015) video installation; YBCA
July 5; God is Brazilian (BRAZIL: Carlos Diegues, 2003) DVD; Wellspring
July 3; /Ghost World (USA: Terry Zwigoff, 2001)/ DVD; MGM
July 2; Southland Tales (USA/FRANCE/GERMANY: Richard Kelly, 2006) 35mm; Roxie; introduced by Dave Cowen; director in person
July 1; /Donnie Darko (USA: Richard Kelly, 2001)/ DVD; 20th Century Fox
July 1; O Amor Natural (NETHERLANDS: Heddy Honigmann, 1996) DVD; Icarus