Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010

March 29; /Tyger (BRAZIL: Guilherme Marcondes, 2006) DVD/ MTV
March 28; City Paradise (UK: Gaƫlle Denis, 2004) DVD; MTV
March 28; Rabbit (UK: Run Wrake, 2005) DVD; MTV
March 26; Captain Blood (USA: Michael Curtiz, 1935) 35mm; Paramount
March 26; /Baton Bunny (USA: Chuck Jones & Abe Levitow, 1959) 35mm/ Paramount
March 23; Madadayo (JAPAN: Akira Kurosawa, 1993) DVD; Fox Lorber
March 22; /Manhatta (USA: Paul Strand & Charles Sheeler, 1921) DVD; Kino/
March 22; /Even -- As You And I (USA: Roger Barlow, Harry Hay & LeRoy Robbins, 1937) DVD; Kino/
March 21; Primer (USA: Shane Carruth, 2004) DVD; Thinkfilm
March 19; City of Life and Death (CHINA: Lu Chuan, 2009) 35mm; PFA; SFIAAFF; introduced by Steve Seid
March 19; Madame Butterfly (TAIWAN/ITALY/FRANCE: Tsai Ming-Liang, 2009) projected DV; PFA; SFIAAFF
March 19; Cry Me A River (CHINA//FRANCE/SPAIN: Jia Zhang-Ke, 2008) projected DV; PFA; SFIAAFF
March 19; Lost in the Mountains (SOUTH KOREA: Hong Sang-soo, 2009) projected DV; PFA; SFIAAFF
March 19; Letter to Uncle Boonmee (THAILAND/UK/GERMANY: Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2009) projected DV; PFA; SFIAAFF; introduced by Steve Seid
March 19; /a Bronx Morning (USA: Jay Leyda, 1931) DVD; NFPF/
March 19; /The End (USA: Christopher MacLaine, 1953) DVD; NFPF/
March 18; /Man With A Movie Camera (USSR: Dziga Vertov, 1929) DVD; Kino/
March 18; /Mundane History (THAILAND: Anocha Suwichakornpong, 2009)/ 35mm; Kabuki; SFIAAFF
March 18; /The Crazy Ray (FRANCE: Rene Clair, 1924) VHS; Kino/
March 16; The Cameraman (USA: Buster Keaton & Edward Sedgwick, 1928) VHS; MGM/UA
March 16; /Autumn Fire (USA: Herman G. Weinberg, 1931) DVD; Kino/
March 15; By The Law (USSR: Lev Kuleshov, 1926) VHS; Kino
March 14; Like You Know It All (SOUTH KOREA: Hong Sang-soo, 2009) 35mm; Clay; SFIAAFF; introduced by Vicci Ho
March 14; Independencia (PHILIPPINES: Raya Martin, 2009) 35mm; Kabuki; SFIAAFF; introduced by CAAM staff
March 14; The Housemaid (SOUTH KOREA: Kim Ki-young, 1960) 35mm; Castro; SFIAAFF
March 13; /The Great Dictator (USA: Charles Chaplin, 1940)/ DVD; Warner
March 13; /Russian Rhapsody (USA: Robert Clampett, 1944) DVD; Warner/
March 12; Alice in Wonderland (USA: Tim Burton, 2010) Digital 3-D; Castro
March 11; Bush Mama (USA: Haile Gerima, 1976) 16mm; SFMOMA; Billie Woodbury in person
March 11; Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification (USA: Barbara McCullough, 1979) projected DVD; SFMOMA; introduced by Dominic Willsdon & Billie Woodbury
March 11; Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (GERMANY: Walter Ruttmann, 1927) DVD; Image
March 10; The Tramp & The Dictator (UK: Kevin Brownlow & Michael Kloft, 2002) DVD; Warner
March 9; Bosko the Doughboy (USA: Hugh Harman, 1931) DVD; Warner
March 9; /Russian Rhapsody (USA: Robert Clampett, 1944)/ DVD with Mark Kausler audio commentary; Warner
March 9; /Opus I (GERMANY: Walter Ruttmann, 1921)/ DVD; Image
March 9; In Space (THAILAND: Visra Vichit-Vadakan, 2009) DVD; screener
March 7; /M (GERMANY: Fritz Lang, 1931)/ DVD; Janus
March 6; The Big Night (USA: Joseph Losey, 1951) 35mm; PFA; introduced by Steve Seid & Peter Conheim
March 6; /M (USA: Joseph Losey, 1951) 35mm/ PFA
March 6; Youth Gets a Break (USA: Joseph Losey, 1941) 16mm; PFA
March 4; Frame Line (USA: Gunvor Nelson, 1984) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; /Take the 5:10 to Dreamland (USA: Bruce Conner, 1977) 16mm; SFMOMA/
March 4; /A Study in Choreography For Camera (USA: Maya Deren, 1945)/ 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; Saugus Series (USA: Pat O'Neill, 1974) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; /Castro Street (USA: Bruce Baillie, 1966) 16mm/ SFMOMA
March 4; Reverberation (USA: Ernie Gehr, 1969) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; Surfacing On the Thames (CANADA: David Rimmer, 1970) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; Colour Flight (UK: Len Lye, 1937) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; A Man and His Dog (USA: Robert Breer, 1957) 16mm; SFMOMA
March 4; /Mothlight (USA: Stan Brakhage, 1963) 16mm/ SFMOMA
March 4; /Arnulf Rainer (AUSTRIA: Peter Kubelka, 1960) 16mm/ SFMOMA
March 4; /Three Screen Ray (USA: Bruce Conner, 2006) projected video; SFMOMA gallery/
March 4; /Three Screen Ray (USA: Bruce Conner, 2006) projected video/ SFMOMA gallery
March 2; Fall of the Romanov Dynasty (USSR: Esther Shub, 1927) VHS; Kino
March 1; Salt For Svanetia (USSR: Mikhail Kalatozov, 1930) VHS; Kino
March 1; Turksib (USSR: Victor Turin, 1929) VHS; Kino