Monday, June 4, 2012

June 2012

June 30; Shriner's Hospitals: New Day, New Hope (USA: Barry Braverman, 1989) 16mm
June 30; Fallen Angel (USA: Otto Preminger, 1945) DVD; Fox
June 29; Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Jaromil Jareš, 1970) 35mm; PFA
June 28; Maxwell's Demon (USA: Hollis Frampton, 1968) DVD; Criterion
June 28; Process Red (USA: Hollis Frampton, 1966) DVD; Criterion
June 28; The Snails (FRANCE: René Laloux1966) DVD; Facets
June 27; Moonrise Kingdom (USA: Wes Anderson, 2012) 35mm; California; introduced by Cal staffer
June 27; Duel in the Sun (USA: King Vidor, 1946) 35mm; PFA
June 27; Shock (USA: Alfred Werker, 1946) DVD; Fox
June 26; I Want To Live! (USA: Robert Wise, 1958) DVD; MGM
June 26; The House on 92nd Street (USA: Henry Hathaway, 1945) DVD; Fox
June 25; Goodbye, First Love (FRANCE/GERMANY: Mia Hansen-Løve, 2011) 35mm; Clay
June 25; Race Street (USA: Edwin L. Marin, 1948) SFPL 6th Floor History Center
June 25; Stranded (USA: Frank Borzage, 1935) SFPL 6th Floor History Center
June 23; /Rio Bravo (USA: Howard Hawks, 1959)/ 35mm; Stanford; introduced by David Thomson
June 23; Man's Favorite Sport (USA: Howard Hawks, 1964) 35mm; Stanford
June 20; Be-In (USA: Jerry Abrams, 1967) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from The Distant Drummer: A Moveable Scene (USA: William Templeton, 1970) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; /San Francisco Excelsior: Low Rider Car Show (USA: anonymous home movie, 1965) 16mm/ Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Latino: A Cultural Conflict (USA: Brian Lewis, 1971) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Allen Ginsberg And Lawrence Ferlinghetti (USA: Richard Moore, 1970) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from San Francisco: Queen Of The West (USA: Rodney Gilliam, 1943) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Let's See: Lopsideland (USA: Roach Van Allen, 1969) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Bay Spray (USA: Lloyd Sullivan, ????) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; Blackie The Wonder Horse Swims The Golden Gate (USA: ?, 1938) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; /A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire (USA: Miles Brothers, 1906) 16mm/ Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from The Faces Of Chinatown (USA: Richard Dillon, 1963) 16mm; Luggage Store; introduced by Stephen Parr & Craig Baldwin
June 20; 'Bullitt'- Steve McQueen's Commitment To Reality (USA: Ronald Saland, 1968) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; /San Francisco Bay (USA: Laurel Reynolds & Mindy Willis, 1966) 16mm/ Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from The Sounds And Sights of San Francisco (USA: Ed Spiegel, 1967) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt? from Un-American Activities (USA: Ralph Cohen, 1960) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; Ford commercial (USA: Cecil Whitebone, ?) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from /Notes on the Port of St. Francis (USA: Frank Stauffacher, 1951) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Fisherman's Wharf (USA: Bernard Vorhaus, 1939) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from The March of Progress (USA: Hugh Harman, 1945) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; Destruction of San Francisco (USA: Miles Brothers, etc./Blackhawk Films, 1906/1960s?) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from Emperor Norton (USA: Jerry Fairbanks?, 1947?) 16mm; Luggage Store
June 20; excerpt from California's Golden Beginning (USA: Cecil B. DeMille & Herbert Coleman, 1947) 16mm; Luggage Store 
June 20; All Over Me (USA: Alex Sichel, 1997) 35mm; Castro; Frameline36; director in person
June 20; /The Man Who Cheated Himself (USA: Felix E. Feist, 1950)/ DVD; St. Clair
June 19; Nora Prentiss (USA: Vincent Sherman, 1947) DVD recorded from TCM
June 18; /Experiment In Terror (USA: Blake Edwards, 1962) DVD; Sony/
June 18; /The House On Telegraph Hill (USA: Robert Wise, 1951)/ DVD with Eddie Muller commentary; Fox
June 17; Sudden Fear (USA: David Miller, 1952) DVD; Kino
June 16; Fantastic Planet (FRANCE/CZECHOSLOVAKIA: René Laloux, 1973) DVD; Facets
June 16; Where Danger Lives (USA: John Farrow, 1950) DVD; Warner
June 15; Alligators All Around (USA: Maurice Sendak, 1975) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; Tops (USA: Charles & Ray Eames, 1969) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; Free Fall (CANADA: Arthur Lipsett, 1964) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; Kick Me (USA: Robert Swarthe, 1975) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; /Beep Beep (USA:Chuck Jones, 1952)/ 16mm; Oddball
June 15; The Hoffnung Palm Court Orchestra (UK: John Halas, 1965) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; Children and Infants in Car Crashes: Restrained and Unrestrained (USA: Insurance Institute For highway Safety, 1979) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; /Rendezvous (FRANCE: Claude Lelouch, 1976) 16mm; Oddball/
June 15; Teddy at the Throttle reel 2 (USA: Clarence Badger, 1917) 16mm; Oddball
June 15; /Whoa, Be-Gone! (USA: Chuck Jones, 1958)/ 16mm; Oddball; introduced by Lynn Cursaro
June 15; My Favorite Brunette (USA: Elliot Nugent, 1947) DVD; Osiris
June 12; /Out Of The Past (USA: Jacques Tourneur, 1947) DVD; Warner/
June 12; Traffic With The Devil (USA: Gunther Von Fritsch, 1946) DVD; Warner
June 12; Undercurrent (USA: Vincente Minnelli, 1946) DVD; Warner
June 11; Lonesome Lenny (USA: Tex Avery, 1946) DVD; Warner
June 11; /Yellow Submarine (UK:/USA: George Dunning, 1968)/ DCP; Castro
June 11; Le Musée du Cinéma Henri Langlois (FRANCE: Jacques Richard, 1997) DVD; Kino
June 11; Langlois Monunmental (FRANCE: Jacques Richard, 1991) DVD; Kino
June 11; Henri Langlois: Phantom of the Cinémathèque (FRANCE: Jacques Richard, 2004) DVD; Kino
June 10; /The Wages Of Fear (FRANCE: Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1953)/ 35mm; New People
June 9; /Thieves' Highway (USA: Jules Dassin, 1949) DVD; Criterion/
June 9; /Food Will Win The War (USA: Hamilton Luske) DVD; Disney/
June 9; /Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (USA: Roscoe Arbuckle, 1930) DVD; Kino/
June 8; The Big Sky (USA: Howard Hawks, 1952) 35mm; Stanford
June 8; I Was A Male War Bride (USA: Howard Hawks, 1949) 35mm; Stanford
June 5; Sean (USA: Ralph Arlyck, 1970) DVD; Docurama
June 5; The Dictator (USA: Larry Charles, 2012) projected video; AMC 1000
June 5; Le Western (FRANCE: Jean-Charles Meunier, 1972) 16mm; Oddball Cinescan
June 4; Amnesty (ALBANIA/GREECE/FRANCE: Buyar Alimani, 2011) projected video; Koret at Main Library; introduced by Moazzam Sheikh
June 3; /Grand Illusion (FRANCE: Jean Renoir, 1937) 35mm/ Castro
June 2; Bad Burns (USA: Paul Sharits, 1982) DVD; NFPF
June 1; /The End (USA: Christopher Maclaine, 1953) DVD; NFPF/