Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2011

October 30; Drive-In Werewolf (USA?: ?, 1969?) DVD; Something Weird
October 30; The Boogie Woogieman (USA: Josef Berne?, 1942) DVD; Something Weird
October 30; /Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party (USA: Dave Fleischer, 1933)/ 16mm
October 30; The Black Cat - segment of Tales of Terror (USA: Roger Corman, 1962) 16mm
October 30; Legerdemain (USA: Kerry Laitala, 2010) 16mm
October 30; Bride of Frankenstein - headline edition (USA: Castle Films, 1935/1960's?) 16mm
October 30; /Fin de Siècle (USA: Kathleen Quillian, 2011) projected video/
October 26; A Face In the Crowd (USA: Elia Kazan, 1957) 35mm; Stanford
October 25; The Skin I Live In (SPAIN: Pedro Almodóvar, 2011) digital projection; Kabuki
October 23; Superbad (USA: Greg Mottola, 2007) DVD: Sony
October 21; /The Kingdom of Fairies (FRANCE: Georges Méliès, 1903) DVD; Flicker Alley/
October 20; /The Sleeping Beauty (FRANCE: Catherine Breillat, 2010) projected video/ New People Cinema
October 20 ; Isle of the Dead (USA: Mark Robson, 1945) DVD; Warner
October 19; /The Black Book (USA: Anthony Mann, 1949) DVD; Alpha/
October 17; The Dybbuk (POLAND: Michal Waszynski, 1937) VHS; Allegro
October 14; Cat House (USA: George Kuchar, 2007) projected video; A.T.A.
October 14; The Exiled Files of Eddie Gray (USA: George Kuchar, 1997) projected video; A.T.A.
October 14; Supercell (USA: George Kuchar, 2004) projected video; A.T.A.
October 14; /Migration of the Blubberoids (USA: George Kuchar, 1989)/ projected video; A.T.A.; introduced by Ken Paul Rosenthal
October 13; Margaret (USA: Kenneth Lonergan, 2011) 35mm; Embarcadero
October 12; Leprosy film (USA: UC Berkeley Extension, ?) 16mm
October 11; Drive (USA: Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011) 35mm; 4-Star
October 8; /The Great McGinty (USA: Preston Sturges, 1940)/ DVD; Universal
October 8; /Box Office Bunny (USA: Friz Freleng, 1951)/ DVD; Warner
October 8; /Bully For Bugs (USA: Chuck Jones, 1953) DVD; Warner/
October 7; The Ides of March (USA: George Clooney, 2011) 35mm; Balboa; introduced by Omar Rodriguez
October 6; /The Lottery (USA: Larry Yust, 1969)/ internet;
October 5; Inferential Current (USA: Paul Sharits, 1971) 16mm; PFA
October 5; T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (USA: Paul Sharits, 1968) 16mm; PFA
October 5; Razor Blades (USA: Paul Sharits, 1968) 16mm; PFA
October 5; Word Movie (Flux Film 29) (USA: Paul Sharits, 1966) 16mm; PFA; introduced by Federico Windhausen
October 4; Antichrist (DENMARK/FRANCE/GERMANY/POLAND/SWEDEN/ITALY: Lars Von Trier, 2009) DVD; Criterion
October 4; /The Vanishing Lady (FRANCE: Georges Méliès, 1896) DVD; Flicker Alley/
October 3; Joan The Woman (USA: Cecil B. DeMille, 1916) DVD; Passport
October 1; "Archival Oddments" (USA: Bruce Baillie, 1967-197?) 16mm; 9th Street Independent Film Center; live commentary by filmmaker
October 1; /Roslyn Romance (is it really true?) (USA: Bruce Baillie, 1977) 16mm; 9th Street Independent Film Center; introduced by Dominic Angerame & filmmaker