Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

February 29; /Urgh! A Music War (UK: Derek Burbidge, 1981)/ 35mm; New Mission
February 28; Heaven's Gate (USA: Michael Cimino, 1981) 35mm; Castro
February 28; America America (USA: Elia Kazan, 1963) 35mm; Castro
February 27; /Yellow Submarine (UK: George Dunning, 1968)/ Blu-Ray
February 26; We Won't Grow Old Together (FRANCE: Maurice Pialat, 1972) 35mm; BAMPFA
February 26; Origin of the Species (UK: Ben Rivers, 2008) 16mm installation; BAMPFA
February 25; The Innocents (UK: Jack Clayton, 1961) 35mm; YBCA
February 25; Music By Prudence (USA/ZIMBABWE: Roger Ross Williams, 2010) DVD with commentary; Passion River
February 25; Hot Saturday (USA: William A. Seiter, 1932) DVD; Universal
February 24; Two Seconds (USA: Mervyn LeRoy, 1932) 35mm; Castro
February 21; Gyromorphosis (USA: Hy Hirsh, 1954) DVD: Flicker Alley
February 21; Evolution (USA: Jim Davis, 1954) DVD: Flicker Alley
February 21; /The Bells of Atlantis (USA: Ian Hugo, 1953)/ DVD: Flicker Alley
February 21; Abstronic (USA: Mary Ellen Bute & Ted Nemeth, 1952) DVD: Flicker Alley
February 20; The Old Dark House (USA: James Whale, 1932) 35mm; YBCA
February 18; An Open Gesture (USA: Robert Fox, 2016) video projector performance; SOMArts
February 18; The Impenitent Thief (USA: Vanessa O'Neill & Kent Long aka Beige, 2016) dual-16mm performance with audio; SOMArts
February 18; Diagram Squared (USA: Jeanne Liotta, 2013) projected video installation; SOMArts Main Gallery
February 18; TEA (USA: Jeanne Liotta, 2016) projector performance with live sound by Leititia Sonami; SOMArts
February 18; Funera et Serpentium (USA: Paul Clipson, 2016) 16mm installation; SOMArts Main Gallery
February 18; Stardust Serenade (USA: Kathleen Quillian, 2014) video installation; SOMArts Main Gallery
February 18; Spotlight (USA: Tom McCarthy, 2015) DCP; Embarcadero
February 17; Social Lion (USA: Jack Kinney, 1954) DVD: Disney
February 16; Torch Singer (USA: Alexander Hall & George Somnes, 1933) DVD; Universal
February 15; The Office Wife (USA: Lloyd Bacon, 1930) DVD; Warner Archive
February 13; /20 Feet From Stardom (USA: Morgan Neville, 2013) Blu-Ray; Anchor Bay
February 13; /Symphony in Black (USA: Fred Waller, 1935) DVD; Kino/
February 12; A Rhapsody in Black and Blue (USA: Aubrey Scotto, 1932) DVD; Kino
February 12; Symphony in Black (USA: Fred Waller, 1935) DVD; Kino
February 11; /The Fall of the I-Hotel (USA: Curtis Choy, 1983) 16mm/ Artists' Television Access
February 11; /Anatomy of a Mural (USA: Rick Goldsmith, 1982) 16mm/ Artists' Television Access; introduced by Mark Wilson
February 7; Merrill's Marauders (USA: Sam Fuller, 1962) 35mm; the Small Back Room
February 7; My Japan (USA: War Finance Division, 1945) 16mm; the Small Back Room
February 6; Trainwreck (USA: Judd Apatow, 2015) DVD; Universal
February 5; /Free Radicals (USA: Len Lye, 1979) 16mm/ BAMPFA; introduced by Sheldon Rena & Susan Oxtoby
February 5; /La Jetee (FRANCE: Chris Marker, 1962) 35mm/ BAMPFA
February 5; Re-Entry (USA: Jordan Belson, 1964) projected video; BAMPFA
February 5; /Cosmic Ray (USA: Bruce Conner, 1962) 16mm/ BAMPFA
February 5; /Mass For the Dakota Sioux (USA: Bruce Baillie, 1963) 16mm/ BAMPFA
February 5; Sisyphus (HUNGARY: Marcell Jankovics, 1974) 16mm; BAMPFA; introduced by Sheldon Renan
February 5; Naked Childhood (FRANCE: Maurice Pialat, 1968) 35mm; BAMPFA
February 5; Love Exists (FRANCE: Maurice Pialat, 1960) 35mm; BAMPFA; introduced by Susan Oxtoby
February 4; Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling (USA: Richard Pryor, 1986) 35mm; Castro
February 4; Lightning (USA: Paul Kos & Marlene Kos, 1976) video installation; BAMPFA gallery
February 3; ? (CANADA: Philippe Leonard, 201?) 16mm with live music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Fox Oakland
February 3: /Wanda (USA: Barbara Loden, 1970)/ DVD; Parlour
February 1; The Other Dream Team (USA/LITHUANIA: Marius Markevicius, 2012) DVD; Lionsgate