Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

December 31; On the Town (USA: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly, 1949) 35mm; Castro
December 31; Red Hollywood (USA: Thom Anderson & Noël Burch, 1996/2014) DVD; Cinema Guild
December 29; /Maps to the Stars (CANADA/USA/GERMANY/FRANCE: David Cronenberg, 2014)/ DVD; Focus
December 27; Lions Love (...and Lies) (USA/FRANCE: Agnès Varda, 1969) DVD; Eclipse
December 25; /Star Wars (USA: George Lucas, 1977) VHS; 20th Century Fox/
December 23; Corner Store (USA: Katherine Bruens, 2010) DVD; Jane Be Quick
December 23; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: The Signs Among Us (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 23; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: The Control of the Universe (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 23; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: A New Wave (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 23; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: The Coin of the Absolute (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 22; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: Deadly Beauty (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 22; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: Only Cinema (SWITZERLAND/FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1997) DVD; Olive
December 22; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: A Single (Hi)story (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1989) DVD; Olive
December 22; Histoire(s) du Cinéma: All the (Hi)stories (FRANCE: Jean-Luc Godard, 1988) DVD; Olive
December 21; /Star Wars: The Force Awakens (USA: J.J. Abrams,  2015)/ 70mm IMX; Hackworth Dome
December 21; /The Big Stick/An Old Reel (USA: Saul Levine, 1967-1973)/ Vimeo
December 20; /Brazil (UK: Terry Gilliam, 1985)/ DVD; Criterion
December 19; /State Fair (USA: Henry King, 1933) 35mm/ Stanford
December 19; Sunny Side Up (USA: David Butler, 1929) 35mm; Stanford
December 18; The Last Dragon (USA: Michael Schultz, 1985) projected video; Roxie; introduced by W. Kamau Bell; Taimak in person
December 18; Star Wars: The Force Awakens (USA: J.J. Abrams,  2015) 4K DCP; New Mission
December 17; Home of the Brave (USA: Laurie Anderson, 1986) 35mm; Castro
December 17; /Stop Making Sense (USA: Jonthn Demme, 1984)/ 35mm; Castro
December 16; Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy (USA: Adam McKay, 2004) DVD; Dreamworks
December 15; Phantom Museum (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 2003) DVD; Kino
December 14; Wave1ength (CANADA/USA: Michael Snow, 1967) 16mm; New Nothing; introduced by Tooth
December 13; /Street of Crocodiles (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1986) 35mm; Roxie
December 13; /The Comb (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1991) 35mm; Roxie
December 13; Quay (UK: Christopher Nolan, 2015) 35mm; Roxie
December 13; /In Absentia (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 2000) 35mm; Roxie
December 13; Y/Our Music (THAILAND/UK: Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every & David Reeve, 2014) DCP; YBCA
December 13; Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay (FRANCE: Travis Collins & Amélie Ravalec, 2015) projected Blu-Ray; YBCA; V. Vale in person
December 13; /Accident (GERMANY: Ernö Metzner, 1928)/ 16mm; YBCA
December 12; Memories to Light: Tourist in Your Own City (USA: Davin Agatep, 2015) projected video with live organ accompaniment; Internet Archive;
December 12; Night in Tunisia (USA: Steve Yamane, 2002) 16mm; Internet Archive; Home Movie Day; introduced by Pamela Jean Vadakan
December 12; Hurry Hurry (USA: Marie Menken, 1957) Blu-Ray, Flicker Alley
December 12; /Red Hot Riding Hood (USA: Tex Avery, 1943) Blu-Ray; Warner
December 12; The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film (UK: Richard Lester, 1959) Blu-Ray; Criterion
December 12; /Thundercrack! (USA: Curt McDowell, 1975)/ projected Blu-Ray, Castro; introduced by Peaches Christ; Melinda McDowell, Mark Ellinger & Ken Scudder in person
December 12; /Siamese Twin Pinheads (USA: Curt McDowell, 1972)/ projected video; Castro
December 11; Can't Go Wrong Without You (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1993) DVD; Kino
December 11; Tales From the Vienna Woods (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1992) DVD; Kino
December 11; Are We Still Married? (UK: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1991) DVD; Kino
December 11; Dramolet (UK/CANADA/USA: Stephen Quay & Timothy Quay, 1988) DVD; Kino
December 10; The Keep (USA/UK: Michael Mann, 1983) 35mm; Castro
December 10; /Nosferatu the Vampyre (WEST GERMANY: Werner Herzog, 1979)/ 35mm; Castro
December 9; Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 10 (USA: Rick Prelinger, 2015) projected video; Castro; introduced by Stewart Brand & filmmaker
December 9; Home Movies, Can 11255, Pellegrini Collection, San Francisco & Santa Cruz (USA: Tullio Pellegrini?, 1938?)
December 9; Home Movies: Zelinsky collection, reel 1 (USA: Edward Zelinsky?, 1940s)
December 9; The Show About the Show, episode 3 (USA: Caveh Zahedi, 2015) Youtube
December 9; The Show About the Show, episode 2 (USA: Caveh Zahedi, 2015) Youtube
December 8; CineGraham Crackers (USA: Kerry Laitala's SFAI Introduction to Film Class, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Mayonnaise Fingers (USA: Anais De Los Santos, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Amare Dagli Occhi (USA: Mikala Alatorre, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Slight Over (USA: Pikachu, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; The Momnivore (USA: Junyi Fang, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Through Everything (USA: Marco Castanedo, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Amare (USA: Jehiel Gajer, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; To Feet Away (USA: Chris Manfield, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; 3½ (USA: Michael Hansen, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Babe, Don't Love Me (USA: Kaiyang Yang, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Happy (USA: Ian Wong, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; A Moment of Illusion (USA: Jane Hseih, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Three Unfortunates (USA: Paul Jung, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Another Dimension (USA: Sophie Zlotnicki, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 8; Carl Sagan's Sublime Creamy Outcome, Part Two, Directors Cut (USA: Kerry Laitala's SFAI Introduction to Film Class, 2015) projected video; A.T.A.
December 6; A Poem is a Naked Person (USA: Les Blank, 1974) DCP; YBCA; introduced by Harrold Blank; Maureen Gosling in person
December 5; Zoo in Budapest (USA: Rowland K. Lee, 1933) 35mm; Stanford
December 5; /Liliom (USA: Frank Borzage, 1930)/ 35mm; Stanford
December 5; Liliom (FRANCE: Fritz Lang, 1934) 35mm; Stanford
December 5; Forbidden City - excerpt (UK: Reginald S. Clay, 1933) DCP with Donald Sosin accompaniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival
December 5; Street Scenes in China - excerpt (UK: Methodist Missionary Society, 1925) DCP with Donald Sosin accompaniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival
December 5; /Modern China - excerpt (UK: Charles Urban Trading Co., 1910) DCP with Donald Sosin accompaniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival/ introduced by Anita Monga
December 5; /The Black Pirate (USA: Albert Parker, 1926)/ DCP with Alloy Orchestra accompaniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival; introduced by Rob Byrne & Tracey Goessel
December 4; Police (USA: Charlie Chaplin, 1916) DVD; Image
December 4; The Lighted Field (USA: Andrew Noren, 1987) 16mm; YBCA
December 4; Charmed Particles (USA: Andrew Noren, 1979) 16mm; YBCA; introduced by Steve Polta
December 3; Shanghaied (USA: Charlie Chaplin, 1915) DVD; Image
December 2; /Son of Saul (HUNGARY: László Nemes, 2015) 35mm/ Variety Club press screening
December 1; /The Fall of the I-Hotel (USA: Curtis Choy, 1983) 16mm/ Noe Valley Public Library