Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2011

February 28; The Woman Chaser (USA: Robinson Devor, 1999) 35mm; Roxie
February 27; Sasquatch Birth Journal 2 (USA: David & Nathan Zellner, 2010) internet;
February 26; Correspondances (FRANCE/SOUTH KOREA: Eugène Green, 2007) projected video; YBCA
February 26; The Rabbit Hunters (SOUTH KOREA/PORTUGAL: Pedro Costa, 2007) projected video; YBCA
February 26; /Respite (GERMANY/SOUTH KOREA: Harun Farocki, 2007)/ projected video' YBCA
February 26; /the Adventures of Mark Twain (USA: Will Vinton, 1986)/ 35mm; Red Vic
February 25; Meet The Feebles (NEW ZEALAND: Peter Jackson, 1990) 35mm; Red Vic
February 25; /Haze (JAPAN: Shinjya Tsukamoto, 2005)/ short version; DVD; screener
February 24; L'Inhumaine (FRANCE: Marcel L'Herbier, 1924) 35mm with Judith Rosenberg accompaniment; PFA; introduced by Susan Oxtoby & Gertrud Koch
February 24; No Day Off (SOUTH KOREA/SINGAPORE: Eric Khoo, 2006) DVD; screener
February 24; /Lost In the Mountains (SOUTH KOREA: Hong Sangsoo, 2009)/ DVD; screener
February 23; Rien Que Les Heures (FRANCE: Alberto Cavalcanti, 1926) 35mm with Judith Rosenberg accompaniment; PFA
February 23; Die Neue Wohnung (SWITZERLAND: Hans Richter, 1930) 35mm with Judith Rosenberg accompaniment; PFA
February 23; Architecture d’aujourdhui (FRANCE: Pierre Chenal, 1930) 16mm with Judith Rosenberg accompaniment; PFA; introduced by Kahty Geritz & Anne Nesbet
February 23; Zodiac (USA: David Fincher, 2007) 35mm; Castro
February 22; Respite (GERMANY/SOUTH KOREA: Harun Farocki, 2007) DVD; screener
February 22; A Conversation With God (TAIWAN: Tsai Ming-Liang, 2001) DVD; screener
February 22; /Wordly Desires (THAILAND/SOUTH KOREA: Apichatpong Weerasethakul & Pimpaka Towira, 2005) DVD; screener/
February 19; Jerry's (USA: Tom Palazzolo, 1976) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Shrimping's Not a Real Good Life (USA: Nancy Porter?, 1972) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Trader Vic's Used Cars (USA: Charles Braverman, 1975) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Rush Hour Service (USA: ?, 1971) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; I Can Be A Hospital Worker (USA: Jim Burroughs, 1974) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; About Astronauts (USA: ?, 1972) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Franchise Opportunities (USA: Lee R. Bobker, 1970) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Get A Job (CANADA: Brad Caslor, 1985) 16mm; Oddball
February 19; Your New Job (USA: Quentin Masters, 1972) 16mm; Oddball; introduced by Stephen Parr & Lynn Cursaro
February 19; /Sheep Ahoy (USA: Chuck Jones, 1954)/ 16mm; Oddball
February 18; Modern Romance (USA: Albert Brooks, 1981) 35mm; Roxie
February 17; Hold on, Rosalind (ARGENTINA: Matías Piñeiro, 2010) projected video, YBCA
February 17; Pig Iron (SOUTH KOREA/GERMANY/USA: James Benning, 2010) projected video, YBCA
February 17; The Enemy Lines (CANADA: Denis Côté, 2010) projected video; YBCA
February 17; Now Or Never (USA: Fred C. Newmeyer, 1921) projected video with SF Chamber Orchestra accompaniment; Contemporary Jewish Museum; introduced by Ben Simon & Donald Sosin
February 17; Raavanan (INDIA: Mani Ratnam, 2010) 35mm; VIZ; SFIAAFF press screening
February 17; Emotion (JAPAN: Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1966) DVD; Criterion
February 16; Pneuma (USA: Nathaniel Dorsky, 1983) 16mm; PFA; filmmaker in person
February 16; Metal Cravings (USA: Elise Hurwitz, 1997) 16mm; PFA; filmmaker in person
February 16; Light Shaft (USA: Vincent Grenier, 1975) 16mm; PFA
February 16; Soundtrack (USA: Barry Spinello, 1969) 16mm; PFA
February 16; XFilm (USA: John Schofill, 1968) 16mm; PFA
February 16; Stroboscopic Images (USA: Dion Vigné, 1964) 16mm; PFA
February 16; /Allures (USA: Jordan Belson, 1961) 16mm/ PFA
February 16; /Obmaru (USA: Patricia Marx, 1953) 16mm/ PFA
February 16; Le Million (FRANCE: Rene Clair, 1931) 35mm; PFA
February 16; /Zero For Conduct (FRANCE: Jean Vigo, 1933)/ 35mm; PFA; introduced by Russell Merritt
February 15; /Daffy Dilly (USA: Chuck Jones, 1948)/ DVD; Warner
February 15; /the Prize Pest (USA: Robert McKimson, 1951)/ DVD; Warner
February 14; I Only Have Eyes For You (USA: Tex Avery, 1937) DVD: Warner
February 13; Untitled work in progress (USA: Brecht Andersch, 2011) 16mm
February 12; La Bohème (USA: King Vidor, 1926) 35mm with Dennis James accompaniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival; introduced by Anita Monga
February 12; L'Argent (FRANCE: Marcel L'Herbier, 1928) 35mm with Mont Alto accompniment; Castro; Silent Film Festival; introduced by Stacey Wisnia & Romain Serman
February 11; /Footlight Parade (USA: Lloyd Bacon, 1933) 35mm; Castro/
February 11; Dames (USA: Ray Enright, 1934) 35mm; Castro
February 10; the Time That Remains (UK/ITALY/BELGIUM/FRANCE: Elia Suleiman, 2009) 35mm; Kabuki
February 10; Surrogate Valentine (USA: Dave Boyle, 2011) projected video; VIZ; 29th SFIAAFF press conference
February 9; The Fighter (USA: David O. Russell, 2010) 35mm; Kabuki
February 8; /The Jerk (USA: Carl Reiner, 1979)/ 35mm; Red Vic
February 8; Pettin' in the Park (USA: Bernard B. Brown, 1934) DVD; Warner
February 8; We're in the Money (USA: Rudofl Ising, 1933) DVD; Warner
February 7; Samson and Delilah (AUSTRALIA: Warwick Thornton, 2009) 35mm; Vogue; Mostly British Film Festival; introduced by Ruthe Stein
February 6; /Every Man For Himself (SWITZERLAND/FRANCE/AUSTRIA/WEST GERMANY: Jean-Luc Godard, 1980) 35mm/ Red Vic
February 5; Gabi On the Roof In July (USA: Lawrence Michael Levine, 2010) projected video; Little Roxie; IndieFest; introduced by Holly Roach
February 4; Violette Nozière (FRANCE: Claude Chabrol, 1978) 35mm; PFA
February 4; La Femme Infidèle (FRANCE: Claude Chabrol, 1969) 35mm; PFA
February 4; Ashes of Doom (CANADA: Don Arioli & Grant Munro, 1970) internet;
February 3; The Daffy Duckaroo (USA: Norm McCabe, 1942) internet;
Febraury 3; /Steal Wool (USA: Chuck Jones, 1957) DVD; Warner/
February 3; /Super-Rabbit (USA: Chuck Jones, 1943) DVD; Warner/
February 3; /Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur (USA: Chuck Jones, 1939)/ DVD; Warner
February 3; /Going, Going, Gosh! (USA: Chuck Jones, 1952) DVD; Warner/
February 3; /Baby Buggy Bunny (USA: Chuck Jones, 1954) DVD; Warner/
February 3; Hopalong Casualty (USA: Chuck Jones, 1960) internet;
February 3; Fantasy City (JAPAN: Tatsuo Shimamura, 1968) internet;
February 3; An American Time Capsule (USA: Charles Braverman, 1968) internet;
February 2; ROCKETKITKONGOKIT (USA: Craig Baldwin, 1986) 16mm; PFA; director in person
February 2; Conscious (USA: Julie Murray, 1993) 16mm; PFA
February 2; /Futility (USA: Greta Snider, 1989) 16mm/ PFA
February 2; /Decodings (USA: Michael Wallin, 1988) 16mm/ PFA; director in person
February 2; /Valse Triste (USA: Bruce Conner, 1979) 16mm/ PFA; introduced by Kathy Geritz
February 2; /The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (GERMANY: Robert Wiene, 1920)/ 35mm with Judith Rosenberg accompaniment; PFA; introduced by Russell Merritt
February 1; /Hare Trimmed (USA: Friz Freleng, 1953)/ DVD; Warner
February 1; /Foxy By Proxy (USA: Friz Freleng, 1952)/ DVD; Warner